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About Dhyan Guru

 Dhyan Guru Kumar  Krishnamoorthy

Kumar a born Dhyan Yogi, got easily initiated into meditation at the age of 8 and blossomed into the deeper realms of Dhyan gathering several mysterious experiences due to the blessings of eternal masters all of whom chiseled him into a formidable Dhyan Yogi. He could see aura of people and describe them with clarity even as a school going lad.

Kumar a corporate honcho, remained internally tuned to the musical notes of the cosmos and could see through the myth and reality of mundane beliefs.

In 1988 an eternal master gave Kumar a live darshan and transformed him into a human dynamo of dhyan as if in a flash. Since then Kumar has benefited thousands from his insightful lectures and guiding workshops on meditation removing stress and promoting wellness and life-style and well-being. Kumar has authored the best seller "The Inner Light Cosmic Meditation" which is a complete guide to meditation.

An extempore speaker in several languages Kumar can be best described as an anonymous celebrity whose repertoire brings forth all that is worth knowing in wellness & lifestyle be it yoga/meditation, aura analysis & chakra-balancing and much more based on his 30 years research.

Author and meditation expert Kumar Krishnamoorthy is a well known teacher of meditation and is available to help you to optimize your potential and the best way to connect with him is to read the book " Inner Light - Cosmic Meditation".