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Cosmic Meditation is a silent prayer and a stress remover. Everyone is a chosen candidate for meditation. Inner Light Cosmic Meditation is a book that guides you in a manner as if you are talking to your Guru.
-Dhyan Guru Kumar Krishnamoorthy

Cosmic Meditation
By Guruji Kumar Krishnamoorthy 

Inner Light Cosmic Meditation

The Inner Light - Cosmic Meditation

The Inner Light - Cosmic Meditation unfolds the ancient mystery of meditation and is a step-by-step guide to Meditation. Just like the ancient Indian texts which were cosmic outpourings from the Rishis, this book is a similar out pouring while in a state of deep Meditation by Meditation expert Kumar Krishnamoorthy.

Inner Light Foundation

Inner Light Foundation

It is the aim of ‘Inner Light Foundation’ to spread the knowledge of Meditation - an ancient art - simple yet complex, but can be learnt and practiced by anyone who is interested. Meditation expert Kumar Krishnamoorthy remains soaked in the Meditative energies and initiates anyone who comes in contact with him, into Meditation.

Cosmic Meditation And Science

Cosmic Meditation And Science

Cosmic Meditation can be best comprehended by understanding the science behind meditation. Kumar Krishnamoorthy's disciple of over 2 decades and ex-IITian - explains this during the workshops using analogy from ancient scriptures and modern science. Cosmic Meditation helps us to understand the Quantum biology taking place inside the human body.

Mind Management

Mind Management

MIND is like a satellite which can transmit as well as receive signals. The signals transmitted and received by the MIND are the ‘THOUGHTS’ which exhibit both wave-like and particle-like behavior. The medium through which the MIND operates by sending and receiving the Thought signals is the CONSCIOUSNESS. Attend our workshops to know more......


-Kumar Krishnamoorthy

Dhyan Guru Kumar Krishnamoorthy is the Founder and Chief of the ‘Inner Light Foundation’. Meditation is second nature to him and this book is actually a transcript of his continuing dialogue with the inner Lord after he was blessed with the knowledge of Meditation through a silent transmission by a Saint of the 18th Century who appeared before him in broad day-light.

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Cosmic Meditation For Everyone

Meditation is the natural state of your soul – the real YOU. It can neither be taught nor learnt. Meditation in its fundamentals is a creative energy, Love and compassion are also creative energies. So, when you have them in full measure, Meditation sets in easily.

Cosmic Meditation -  Creative Energy

Nature is a limitless source of creativity and this needs to be understood to comprehend meditation because Cosmic Meditation is the highest Creative Energy hence it is like trying to embrace nature.

Practice Makes You Perfect

When you practice cosmic meditation, waste goes away from your life, your capacity to comprehend all that happens in and around you become razor sharp. You will display meditative calm in every activity. Cosmic meditation is a multidimensional activity and it affects all dimensions of your life and being and you will become more result oriented